Hi, I’m Thabi

I am a management consultant at a leading global consultancy and a Finance graduate of the University of Cape Town. I was born in Polokwane (then Pietersburg), to two great parents who embody what it means to be South African. I’m the third of four children who were raised to believe in boundless opportunity, success through hard work and the courage of holding an independent opinion. My life is the sum total of my beliefs and doubts,  my successes and failures, and most of all my experiences with minds far greater than mine. I hope to be able to share my work and my musings (via my blog)  through this site, and ultimately start a conversation.

 I’ve worked on numerous entrepreneurial ventures, most recently being Ndim iBhudda (pty) ltd, an urban youth brand that tapped into Cape Town’s fledgling textile market, which is reeling under the pressure of cheap textile imports. I have collaborated with another close friend to form Oratilwe, a for-purpose organisation aimed towards youth development. Other activities include being a part of the inaugural leadership of SHAWCO’s Sitsaba, where I served as a Evaluation and Monitoring czar; Residence House Committee Treasurer and Management Team Member (2013), Investec Pathfinder  and Ernst and Young Business Experience Programme Delegate ( June 2012). My general interest in business and problem-solving saw me compete as part of a team of four in the CIMA Global Business Challenge, which became the first UCT team to make it to the National Finals; placing second.

My honours research topic involves looking into the value relevance of book values, earnings and cash flows in South Africa. I will effectively analyse whether increased integration of world capital markets and our country’s adoption of developed-world financial market regulation would produce results contrary to those in other developing nations.
I’m currently working at Accenture as a management consultant within their Health and Public Service business – doing work that matters.

I believe in purpose-driven innovation and ideation, building societies that are cognisant of the past as they develop sustainable solutions that will leave a long-lasting impact on the future. I enjoy seeing people organise and collaborating around a mission in search of solutions to the many challenges our society faces.