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I believe in purpose-driven innovation and ideation, building societies that are cognisant of the past as they develop sustainable solutions that will leave a long-lasting impact on the future. I’ve worked I’ve spent six years between management consulting and tech. As a consultant my focus was within the Healthcare and Public Sector industries, I learnt about the potential of applying digital technologies in areas which were primed for disruption – it was a great place to hone my strategy, tech-enabled business and operating model skillset and learning more about sales and business development. I then made the decision to move to Uber, where I headed up Safety Operations for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. I believe Uber has had the ability to build one of the best examples of the modern central operations team – I always felt as though I was a part of a Special Ops team or a Swiss Army Knife, no problem to big or too small.


Over the years I’ve developed an appreciation for the polymath or generalist, in a world that almost compels specialisation. My blog is almost an expression of how I’ve always given myself license to think about the big, hairy problems we face as society and my firm belief that the solution for these lies within an open, source-agnostic ideas marketplace.


Live Forward. Think Openly. Act Bravely.

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