My Podcast Radar

Here are a few podcasts I’ve been listening to on my commute, at my desk and during my downtime:

Current Affairs/News & Politics:
1. NPR’s Up First
2. The Economist
3. Money Show with Bruce Whitfield
4. Serial
5. FT News

Science & Tech:
1. Babbage (from the Economist)
2. TechStuff
3. Fjord Fika (from Accenture Interactive)
4. IDEO Futures
5. Naked Scientists

Business/Finance & Startups:
1. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman
2. NPR’s Planet Money
3. HBR IdeaCast
4. Knowledge@Wharton
5. Freakonomics
6. McKinsey Podcast

Interest Pieces/Food for Thought:
1. Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell
2. Hidden Brain
3. The Tim Ferris Show
4. Invisibilia
5. Super Soul Conversations

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